March 2003 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | March 31, 2003

7pm March 31, 2003

Don Walter W7NG, President
Pat Shinners, W7GTO Vice-President
Paul Beringer NG7Z Secretary
Marina Zuetell N7LSL Treasurer
Mary Lewis, W7QGP Trustee
Kirk Bellar, N7UK Trustee
Adam Kerner K7ST Trustee
Bob Nielsen N7XY Trustee
Bob Hadlock K7WA Trustee
Joe Gregory, W7QN Trustee
Florence Shepherd w7lvi Membership Chairman

Guest: Harry Lewis, W7JWJ

ˇ President Don Walter called the meeting to order on March 31, 2003 at 1901

Field Day discussions included the main choice of Maury Island unless
someone has another suggestion. Paul Beringer started a discussion related
to the purpose of Field Day. He has been associated with the Seattle ACS
group Field Day, which stresses public participation instead of contesting.
Adam made the point that the advantage of Field Day is its ability to be
what each club makes of it. Co-chairs for this year’s event need to come
forward and preferably from within the membership. Adam and Ward will be
happy to act as advisors.

New Members. The following amateurs have submitted applications and payment
for membership. Michael Hatzakis, K3MH and Richard Olson W7YTZ. Also,
Kenneth Barroll W7OP has submitted an application for reactivation. All were
voted into the club.

Pat Murray KB7YD has moved to Grants Pass Oregon.

Kirk showed the board an example of a finished plaque for a Salmon Run
county winner. On Saturday, March 29th, he presented a winning plaque to the
Redmond Top Key Contest Club at their monthly breakfast meeting. The board
moved to return the $150 he gave to the club for plaques that were never

Pat announced that Clint Hurd KK7UQ of Port Townsend would make a
presentation of sound card digital operating modes at the next dinner
meeting at the Lake City Elks.

A date for the August summer picnic that doesn’t conflict with other ham
related events in the area will be coordinated by Pat Shinners W7GTO and
Roger Huntley W7VV

Marina submitted the treasurer’s report that shows total assets of $6412.63.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1741 hours.

Respectfully submitted
Paul Beringer, Secretary