April 2003 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | April 28, 2003

Minutes of the WWDXC Board Meeting

28 April 2003

The Board met at Group Health hospital in Seattle. The meeting
commenced at 1905 hours local time. In attendance were:

Pat Shinners, W7GTO, Vice President
Marina Zuetell, N7LSL, Treasurer
Mary Lewis, W7QGP, Trustee
Jim Hadlock, K7WA, Trustee
Joe Gregory, W7QN, Trustee
Kirk Bellar, N7UK, Trustee

Also in attendance were members Harry Lewis, Steve Morris, and
Flo Shepherd. President Don Walter, Secretary Paul Beringer, and
Trustees Bob Nielsen and Adam Kerner were absent.

Pat asked whether anyone had volunteered to be Field Day czar.
Jim offered to take on the task, and said that he would talk to
Ward, N0AX, re. setting up a spreadsheet for the needed equipment.
Joe promised to set up the phone station for FD.

Marina distributed an updated Treasurer’s report, and noted that she
had paid for the repeater-site rental and had reimbursed Kirk for
Salmon Run plaques. She planned to change the accounting method
for tracking QSL cards, raffles, and badges. She still had no
printed rosters for Flo to distribute to new members.

Harry brought up the idea of having a CW contest at the Club picnic,
and solicited ideas for a prize.

Kirk reported that he had mailed out the last of the Salmon Run
plaques. He had received partial reimbursement from the Treasurer
for same, as discussed at the previous Board meeting.

Pat noted that the May program would be a video of Svalbard, provided
by Marc, K9PET.

With no further business, Pat adjourned the meeting at 1927 hrs.

Respectfully Submitted –
Kirk Bellar N7UK
WWDXC Acting Secretary