June 2003 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | June 30, 2003


Minutes of the WWDXC Board Meeting, June 30, 2003

The Board met at Group Health hospital in Seattle. The meeting

commenced at 1910 hours local time. In attendance were:

Don Walter, W7NG, President

Pat Shinners, W7GTO, Vice President

Marina Zuetell, N7LSL, Treasurer

Paul Beringer, NG7Z Secretary

Florence Shepherd, Membership chairman

Mary Lewis, W7QGP, Trustee

Joe Gregory, W7QN, Trustee

Kirk Bellar, N7UK, Trustee

Bob Nielsen, N7XY, Trustee

Also in attendance was member Harry Lewis. Trustees Adam Kerner and Jim Hadlock were absent.

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed. A motion to accept the minutes was made, seconded and passed.

President Don Walter requested an informal report of the W7DX Field Day activities. Since the Field Day chairman, Jim Hadlock was not present, undoubtedly due to FD hangover, Paul Beringer filled in. Trustee Kirk Bellar reported on the activities of the Shoreline ACS Field Day activities.

Membership report by Flo An application was received from Don Hickman, KC7MDA for membership and was unanimously approved.

Many membership renewals were received and the monies collected were given to Treasurer Marina Zuetell.

VP report by Pat A suggestion as to a future program was made. Pat has a person available to present message handling and NTS. The Board discussed this possibility and asked if the presentation could be made in a way that would hold the listeners attention. Pat assured the Board that he could and was given the go ahead for possibly the October dinner meeting. The July dinner meeting will be on July 8th at Angelos. The program for this month is a video on Cuba by Don Walter. There will not be a board meeting in July due to the proximity of the summer gathering in August. This will be held at Roger Huntleys house.

Treasurers report. Marina notified the Board that our liability insurance payment is due. She told us that the insurance company is requesting names, addresses and drivers license numbers of Board members. President Don Walter directed Marina not to give this information. Just pay the bill. Marina distributed an updated Treasurer’s report.

Secretarys report. Paul gave the Treasurer the bill for last months raffle prizes. He also made the announcement that he will soon be QRT as the condominium board in his association has changed their mind about the necessity of emergency communications. He has been directed to remove his antennas from the roof of the building effectively shutting down his ham radio activities.

Trustee Kirk Bellar announced that preparations are being made for the yearly Salmon Run. He has filed “press releases” to many ham radio public outlets such as magazines and web sites.

Trustee Joe Gregory reported that advance reservations for the Everett Holiday Inn are completed and he just needs the Boards approval to sign the agreement for banquet rooms and the holding of hotel rooms. The Board gave its approval.

Guest Harry Lewis announced that as of mid night, June 30th 2003, his tenure as Section Manager for Western Washington will come to an end. Ed Bruette, N7NVP will take over the office.

With no further business, a motion was made, seconded and approved to adjourn the meeting at 1959 hours.

Respectfully Submitted –

Paul Beringer NG7Z

WWDXC Secretary