September 2003 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | September 23, 2003

Minutes of the Western Washington DX Club Board Meeting, 29 Sep. 03

The Board met at Group Health Central. In attendance were:

  • Don Walter, W7NG, President
  • Pat Shinners, W7GTO, Vice President
  • Marina Zuetell, N7LSL, Treasurer
  • Joe Gregory, W7QN, Trustee
  • Bob Nielsen, N7XY, Trustee
  • Mary Lewis, W7QGP, Trustee
  • Kirk Bellar, N7UK, Trustee
  • Adam Kerner, K7ST, Trustee
  • Florence Shepherd, w7lvl, Membership Chair
  • Ward Silver, N0AX, Awards Chair

No board meeting in July 2003 or August 2003

Also in attendance was member Harry Lewis, W7JWJ. Secretary Paul Beringer, NG7Z, and Trustee Jim Hadlock, K7WA, were absent. Kirk agreed to take minutes in Paul’s absence. Don called the meeting to order at 1905.

Ward gave a report on the number of Salmon Run logs received to date, and predicted a record number of log submissions for this year’s Run. He had attended the Redmond Top Key Club meeting on Sep. 27 and

solicited their help to check logs and print certificates.

Not all Board members had received Don’s e-mailed meeting announcement. Marina mentioned that Earthlink is blocking mail from addresses.

Don asked Ward whether the old Tabloids could be posted on the WWDXC web site. Ward said that the old Tabloids may not exist any more. He would check with Tabloid Editor Jack Fleming, WA0RJY.

Don displayed a book which the ARRL had sent to the club, and asked the Board what happened to other books that had been donated to the club. The concensus was that they had ended up in various members’ hands, and tended to disappear over time. In response to a followup question from Kirk, several of the Board members conceded that other club-owned items’ whereabouts were also unknown.

Ward announced the nominees for this year’s Most Valuable Player Award:

  • Joe Gregory, W7QN
  • Ward Silver, N0AX
  • Florence Shepherd, w7lvl
  • Roger Huntley, W7VV
  • Bob Preston, W7TSQ

Joe, Ward, and Florence were excused from the meeting. Don read the nomination letters to the rest of the Board, which then selected the MVP. The winner will be announced at the October general meeting.

The Board also approved a motion from Ward to establish another member award, to be given at the Board’s discretion. The Board selected the first recipient. The award and recipient will be revealed at the December general meeting. The award shall be equivalent in value to the MVP award.

Ward reported that the club web site and domain name fees are paid for the next 12 months. Bob asked whether Ward could add an online order form for club badges, QSL cards, etc. Ward said that he’d add

such a form, as well as photos. Kirk asked about what would happen to photos that were culled from the site to make room for new ones. Ward responded that he’d save them to a CD.

Marina distributed Treasurer’s reports for July and August, and mentioned that about 24 members haven’t paid dues.

The Board approved 2 new members: Charles Gorman, W7CEG, and Jonathan Scherch, KK7PW.

Joe announced that the next general meeting would be held on Oct 14 at the Lake City Elks Club. He would start working on the 2004 DX Convention after Jan. 1. The members agreed, after some discussion, to use

Paypal to accept payment from convention-goers. If it proves to be satisfactory, the Board will consider whether to use Paypal for receiving club dues.

Pat said that the October program would be on the National Traffic System, presented by Jere Felten, W7TBA.

The Board discussed whether to contribute any club funds towards upcoming DXpedition. As no one present had information on the particular DXpeditions that had been soliciting funds, the question was deferred until the general meeting.

Don directed Marina to send $100 to the ARRL BPL Fund, per the Board’s decision in July to do so.

Kirk said that he had attended the Redmond Top Key Club meeting with Ward. He also described his DXpedition to San Juan county for the Salmon Run.

With no further business, Don adjourned the meeting at 2006.

Respectfully Submitted –

Kirk Bellar N7UK

WWDXC Acting Secretary