November 2003 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | November 24, 2003


Minutes of the Western Washington DX Club Board Meeting, 24 Nov 2003

The Board met at Group Health Central. In attendance were:

  • Don Walter, W7NG, President
  • Pat Shinners, W7GTO, Vice President
  • Marina Zuetell, N7LSL, Treasurer
  • Paul Beringer, NG7Z, Secretary
  • Joe Gregory, W7QN, Trustee
  • Mary Lewis, W7QGP, Trustee
  • Kirk Bellar, N7UK, Trustee
  • Adam Kerner, K7ST, Trustee
  • Florence Shepherd, w7lvl, Membership Chair

Also in attendance was member Harry Lewis, W7JWJ.

Don called the meeting to order at 1903 PST.

After a few questions, the October minutes were approved as written.

Don asked again about the planned contribution to the Eritrea Dxpedition. Marina explained that the plans have been put on hold due to problems with licensing. An alternate location may be necessary. The secretary is in the process of finding out.

Pat announced that the December dinner would be held at the Lake City Elks Club. Ward Silver, NŘAX will have a slide presentation. The dinner will be held on the 9th. Elections will be held for the vacant Secretary post and a replacement for Trustee Adam Kerner. Adam has informed the Board that due to business commitments he will be unable to perform his Trustee duties to the degree that he feels is necessary and expected.

Distinguished guest Harry Lewis was asked if he had any news to report and told us that the ARRL online courses are going to be including a Technician class and RFI class. The planned Antenna design course is coming on line soon.

Joe reminded all that the CQWW CW contest is this weekend Nov 29, 30.

Kirk updated the Board with regard to the log checking status of the Salmon Run. We are not quite finished with the initial processing to post claimed scores. The goal is to be completely finished with logs by the end of the year.

Paul moved to use PayPal as an alternative method of payment for those wishing to prepay their fees for the 2004 DX convention in Everett. The motion was seconded and approved. Payment by check, cash or other means is still fine. The Webmaster will be apprised of this change.

Marina gave everyone a detailed money accounting consisting of budget vs. actual costs. The club is pretty much right on the mark.

A discussion was held regarding the policy, or lack thereof, of acknowledging the passing of a club member. Due to the average age of club members, it was agreed that in lieu of sending a donation to a fund or memorial, we should acknowledge this situation differently. Adam made a motion to send a card, signed by the Board members, to the family of the deceased member. The secretary will be responsible for obtaining the card, getting it signed and sending it to the appropriate parties. The motion was seconded and approved.

The next Board meeting will be held at the Hing Loon Restaurant in downtown Seattle on December 29th. Spouses or significant others are welcome to join us. At this meeting, the new Board members will be welcomed.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved at 1958 PST.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Beringer Secretary

There are no minutes of the year-end Board dinner meeting, held at the Hing Loon restaurant on Dec. 29th.