January 2004 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | January 26, 2004
01/26/2004 - WWDXC Board Meeting - Group Health Building

Pat Shinners: 	W7GTO President
Denny Bowman         W7SNH Vice President
Marina Zuetell 	N7LSL Treasurer
Jim Hadlock 	  K7WA Trustee
Kirk Bellar 	     N7UK Trustee
Joe Gregory	   W7QN Trustee
Dick Swanson           K7BTW Trustee
Mary Lewis 	   W7QGP Trustee
Bob Nielsen 	  N7XY Trustee
Brian Moran 	  N9ADG Secretary
Harry  Lewis 	 W7JWJ Guest

Pat Called the meeting to order at 7pm.

DXPEDITION SPONSORSHIP: Two requests for Dxpedition sponsorship were received by the club. Discussion followed on whether they both 
satisfied the criteria of the club, which is to sponsor those in the interests of the club.  No action was taken pending review of the 
top needed DX List.

PACKET NODE AND TOWER GEAR: Discussion of the packet node ensued, since the current custodian desires to have someone else 
operate it.  Comments were made that someone may have volunteered to take this over. The Secretary (N9ADG) volunteered to be the new 
home for the tower gear, and also agreed to ask K7UU whether or not the packet gear has been spoken for.

7L4IOU Sends Gift: 7L4IOU received the plaque that WWDXC sponsors for the ARRL LP Phone portion of the DX contest, and has 
reciprocated by sending the club a very nice gift.  The calendar/notebook will be raffled at the next general WWDXC meeting.

ARRL/Bill Bennet Memorial Scholarship: The ARRL has asked the club for guidance on the criteria to use when awarding the yearly $500 
scholarship funds. As a refresher, a memorial was made years ago, and the scholarship has been held up pending development of this 
criteria.  N7XY volunteered to draft a proposal for discussion at a future meeting based on criteria supplied by ARRL for other 

Budget Discussion: The Treasurer passed out the current summary of accounts, and the group reviewed expenses and income - summary is 
that there is approximately $3K in cash, and $3K in reserves for the convention. 2003 expense were similar to those in 2002, and it's 
expected with few exceptions (insurance is increasing) the 2004 budget will be similar to 2003. The upcoming DX convention is kept 
on a separate budget.  The 2004 proposed budget was approved by the board.

Field Day co-Chair needed: Jim mentions that a new co-Field Day Chairperson is needed for 2004, since he is out of town for this 
event occurring on the third weekend in June.

WWDXC table at Puyallup: March 6 will find K7WA and NG7Z manning the WWDXC table at Puyallup, and they are looking for additional 
WWDXC members that can welcome and talk to people about WWDXC (and give Jim and Paul a chance to pick up some bargains)

Intra-WWDXC club awards: K7WA reminds all that there's an annual award for those club members contacting 100 countries in a calendar 
year, starting in January. There's also the NAANY award, which all agreed was "darned tough".  It was proposed that the award
also be appropriately retitled the "Jack Bock Memorial NAANY award".  

VHF Contest Last Weekend: Jim points out that the presentation likely contributed to his participation  in the VHF contest last 
weekend. Your secretary also mentioned that he participated.

Salmon Run Plaque mailed: Kirk mailed the Salmon Run plaque to the winner K2CU. A picture of the plaque will also be put on the web 
site eventually.

WWDXC - Special Service Club Status/Club listing: Mary led the discussion on WWDXC's status as a special service club, lapsed
since the last century.  Also, the club's listing information on the ARRL web site and QST needs updating - which was delegated by the 
President to the Secretary.  Bob volunteered to look into a promotional slip of paper to include with club member's QSL
cards, ala Northern California DX Club and others.

What's The VP's Job, Anyway?: Denny led the discussion on what he sees his role to be, with input from the board.  This will result in 
a "job description", it could also clarify things for subsequent VPs.  Further discussion yielded a proposal and then motion for the 
Veep to have a slush fund of $60 with which to carry out his duties primarily related to lining up speakers, venues, and AV equipment.  
The motion was approved by the board.

Monthly Meeting Program Ideas: While some were received by Denny after his solicitation in the last general meeting, he is always 
open to suggestions for subjects/speakers for the general meetings.

NO JULY GENERAL MEETING: There is no July general meeting since the DX convention is occurring in Everett.

Acknowledging achievements by WWDXC Members: Dick led the discussion about how other clubs talk up the DX achievements of their 
members at their meetings, and encouraged a discussion about how WWDXC could 
do something similar.  A more general discussion ensued about the meaning of the WWDXC name, and how the demographic of the club may 
have changed since it's founding.  Action item for Dick is that he's going to find out from other clubs how they learn of member 
achievements in an efficient manner.

New Roster? Kirk put out the question of whether there should be a new roster published, the work being getting the information updated 
for it to be printed. With membership renewals being in the June-November timeframe,  the discussion was tabled for now.

Recruitment / ARRL Activities / Demographics: Harry pointed out that while there is interest by local school kids in becoming Hams, the 
lack of support from local clubs has been an impediment. Calls for volunteers for antenna/tower work fell fell flat, and the parents of 
the school kids did it themselves.  He also mentioned that the ARRL memberships are declining, and the league itself is running a 
deficit currently, and faces cutback in staffing.  There was also mention of traditionally strong radio clubs disbanding due to lack 
of membership and interest. 

Tower Bill: Harry pointed out thattThere's a tower bill inOlympia - SB5200, which may provide relief to those suffering from restrictive 
local antenna ordinances; again, club support of this bill has been lacking. 

Convention Discussion:  Joe, the convention manager, points out that the DX Convention is only six months away, and there are some things 
that need to happen pronto, such as placement of ads/notices in QST, Ham Radio, etc.   It was further decided that the meat item on the 
menu should be New York Steak, so that the price of the meals could be locked in.  Volunteers are needed for many aspects of the 
convention, Denny "agreed" to be Committee Chairman for the convention. Harry volunteered to get the notices placed into print 
media such as QST, Ham Radio, etc.

Adjournment: at 9:10pm