March 2004 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | March 29, 2004
WWDXC Board Meeting 03/29/04 

Pat Shinners W7GTO
Marina Zuetell N7LSL
Joe Gregory W7QN
Mary Lewis W7QGY
Harry Lewis W7JWJ
Jim Hadlock k7WA
Kirk Bellar N7UK
Denny Bowman W7SNH
Bob Nielsen N7XY
Ralph Javins N7KGA
Dick Swanson    K7BTW

Minutes were adopted from previous month.

From GU4YOX was received regarding support of 3B9C operation.
Three new membership applications were received, one 
renewal. N7BF, W7DRA, W9WHX were accepted as new members. 

Treasurer's Report:
The club's CD matured and was rolled over for additional 
three months.

Old business:
Salmon Run Certificates: One needs to be resent due to a typo.
W7PHO Scholarship status: Wording to be added to give preference to NW, PAC, SW divisions in consideration of applicants.
Packet Cluster: N7XY will register the domain for the W7DX node site, and take over general responsibility from K7UU
Club Info for ARRL: Secretary clarified some club info, update to be made post haste via ARRL.ORG website.

New business:
Communications Academy 2004 ( was held 
over 2 days with 205 attendees -- some sessions were overflowing! 
There were four breakout sessions and a keynote. Featured speaker 
was Jerry Boyd; key issues were interoperability among services. 
Good attendance from Eastern and Western Washington, with 10-12 VE, 
CA, ID hams, and at least six from OR. Icom was kind enough to 
provide a door prize, and also had a booth. Mark your calendars for 
4/2/2005 and 4/3/2005 for the next one.

Club Meeting Topics: The club received a thank you note from 
the XYL of Marv Loftus who presented in March on Electrical 
Interference.  Marv appreciated the opportunity to talk about a 
subject in which he is deeply interested.
Potential subjects for future meetings: Vintage Telephone 
Equipment / Past Field Day Extravaganzas / (July is DX Convention) / 
(August is the WWDXC Picnic) / Russian DXpedition Video

July DX Convention Update:

Harry Handling QST/CQ/WorldRadio notice placement
Quality Inn Site visit was performed, can accommodate 100 
for dinner, 130 for seminars
QSL Card Checking will be performed on site
Banquet permit will be secured for fermented grain-based 
carbonated libations
The board approved funds for deposit on 50 tickets to an 
Aquasox game occuring on the Friday of the convention -- the Aquasox 
game is an extra-price event to be offered to the convention 
attendees, as well as WWDXC members in general.  The San Diego 
Chicken will be in attendance at this game, so demand is expected to 
be higher than normal.
Tickets will be offered for purchase at the general WWDXC 
meetings until the convention.
Main prize for the DX Convention is a Steppir antenna -- 
there are potential other prizes lined up from elecraft and Icom

WWDXC Rookie of the year, and WWDXC member of the year were 
considered, and decisions rendered.

Membership Roster:
While Mike Schone was suggested as a good person to work on a 2004 Membership Roster, he would prefer not to, but is willing to bring. The format of the file is in Microsoft Word, volunteer needed.