April 2004 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | April 26, 2004
WWDXC Board Meeting 04/26/2004
	Harry Lewis	W7JWJ
	Mary E. Lewis	W7QGP
	Jim Hadlock	K7WA
	Joe Gregory	W7QN
	Bob Nielsen	N7XY
	Pat Shinners	W7GTO
	Marina Zuetell	N7LSL
	Kirk Bellar	        N7UK
	Denny Bowman	W7SNH
	Dick Swanson	K7BTW
	Brian Moran	N9ADG

Minutes approved from March 2004
	Stanwood/Camano ARC Hamfest will be May 8, 2004. 
	W7PKT is now located in Auburn at KA7CSE
	Application for membership from K7VAY received

Treasurer's Report:
	The certificated of deposit was rolled over after earning $184 in interest.
	The club has approximately $6400 in assets. 
	Convention registration and renewals are coming in. 

New Memberships:
	K7VAY was accepted as new member.

Old Business:
	President will speak with Mike Schone about a 2004 roster.

New Business:
	Field Day: To Op, or not to Op. Field day is  6/26 to 6/27, and there has not been much interest shown to date.
	Suggestion was to put FD activity option to the membership at next meeting, but without approximately 12 people, it should likely not be attempted.  The President volunteered to send email to the general membership list to elicit response.

Monthly Meeting Agenda update:
	MAY:	Antennas with Bob and Jim, QRP demo at Las Margaritas
	JULY:	Convention
	AUGUST:	Picnic

Convention Update:
	Quality Inn is locked.
	Need 800 phone number of the hotel posted on the web page for reservations.
	146.32/92 is the talk-in frequency for those that want to use it.
	Speaker agenda still being put together. ZL1AMO is a potential, but potentially costly as well.
	Prizes for the convention include 3 element Steppir, K2 Elecraft Kit, Paddlette equipment (www.paddlette.com).
	A DXCC Card Checker will be in attendance.
	Aquasox tix are still available.

Picnic update:
	Still on for August.