September 2004 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | September 27, 2004

WWDXC Board Meeting 2004-09-27
In Attendance:
Denny W7SNH
Marina N7LSL
Bob N7XY
Mary W7QGP
Kirk N7UK
Jim K7WA
Joe W7QN
Dick K7NEX
Frank NA7O
Brian N9ADG

Meeting started at 1905.
Minutes from August were read and approved.
Treasurer’s report was read and approved, WWDXC made approximately $800 from the convention.

Old Business:

New Eastside Venue : As reported previously, a search for a new eastside meeting place has been going on; After some diligence by club members, the choices in Bellevue were narrowed to approximately three, and the Bellevue Angelos was selected as the location for the November Meeting.

ROSTER : In Progress, will be finished by November general meeting.

New Business:

New Member: An application was received from K7ZQ for membership (ex: YB7AAU). Moved and approved.

Signup Form: The signup form needs some updating. Treasurer to handle.

WWDXC Convention Planning: Yes, it’s not too early to begin planning for the 2007 WWDXC Convention. Location/Program/Dates TBA.
Volunteers needed for all aspects!

Salmon Run: The Salmon Run event has become ever more popular — many logs have been received via USmail as well as email. There have been repeated comments on how fun and popular it is.

ELECTION 2005: There are THREE trustee spots open for terms beginning in 2005. ALSO, the President, Vice President, Secretary,
and Treasurer positions are up for election, and open for nominations.

MVP: You may have seen the email on the general WWDXC mailing list — WWDXC MVP nominations are being taken. Please contact/email Ward N0AX with your nomination.

Respectfully submitted,

Brian N9ADG