January 2005 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | January 31, 2005
01/31/2005 - WWDXC Board Meeting - Group Health Building

Incoming President:	     Denny Bowman W7SNH
Outgoing President:	Pat Shinners W7GTO
Treasurer: 			  Marina Zuetell N7LSL
Vice President: 	      Roger Huntley W7VV
Trustee: 			  Dick Swanson K7BTW
Trustee: 		     Herb Holeman W7ZF
Trustee: 		     Hillar Raamat N6HR
Trustee: 		     Jim Hadlock K7WA
Secretary: 		  Brian Moran N9ADG

The board welcomed new Trustees Herb and Hillar

Minutes were read and approved from the last meeting. 

Marina sent $150 to the Red Cross, the unspent remaining amount budgeted for FY2004 Dxpedition sponsorships, for Tsunami aid.


3 Totem Awards were received, along with W7DX QSL mail. 

The DXpedition support policy was reviewed in consultation with the top-100 needed list. At this time, no changes were recommended, and 
the policy remains at:
$100 to 1-25 on 100 most needed list (per DX magazine)
$50 to 26-50
$25 to 51-100

Treasurer's report
Review of last year's budget was performed, and estimates for formulating this year's budget were taken.  At the next meeting we'll 
review the tentative 2005 budget.The treasurers report was accepted by the board.

Old Business
        ROSTER: The Roster is ready and should be dropping into USmail or Email inboxes very, very shortly. A web-suitable version 
will appear on the club website shortly, as well.

After discussion of the ongoing need for a video projector at club meetings, a motion to purchase a computer/video projector was 
made, and carried. $600 will be budgeted to acquire a projector with a known history.

New Business
        Club Speakers : a discussion took place over what the right policy should be with respect to paying for a non-member-presenter's 
meal (excluding alcoholic beverages) at the club meeting. A motion was made and carried to add this item into the tentative budget. 

Bylaws: Hillar has volunteered to review the current and previous bylaws, constitution, articles and general documents 
associated with the charter and operation of the club. 

Puyallup Hamfest: The club, through the volunteer effort of K7WA and some of the membership, will have a table at the event to encourage 
new members to join.

FIELD DAY: The general need to begin planning and execution in earnest was expressed. Discussion revolved around location and 
insurance. K7ST will once again be Field Day chairman, assisted by W7ZF.

PICNIC: MARK THE DATE - August 27 at W7VV's (becoming more a tradition with each year!) location

PNW DX Convention 2005  - August 5,6,7 in Portland, Oregon.
PNW DX Convention 2007  - It's not to soon to select a non-conflicting date, and scout for locations

The meeting adjourned at approx 20:45