February 2005 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | February 28, 2005
WWDXC Board Meeting 02/28/2005

In attendance
Denny W7SNH
Jim K7WA
Dick K7BTW
Herb W7ZF
Hillar N6HR
Kirk N7UK
Marina N7LSC
Brian N9ADG

Meeting called to order at 1903
Minutes were approved from the last meeting.

Denny receive the QSLs for W7DX from Adam (which are from the buro).  A QSL-ing party is apparently in order.

A list of 18 new amateurs in the area was received from Harry, Denny sent congratulatory letters to them.

A letter was received from the ARRL soliciting for the DXZ Contest plaque

A flier was received from the Yakima Hamfest

Treasurer's Report
Last month 228.43 was spent, zero was received. A discussion about what policy to pursue for those members not current with their dues was discussed 
The proposed budget was then examined line by line;
The programs budget was increased to $300 -- to be 'comparable' with what other clubs are doing, we'll now pay for 
a speaker's meal, speaker's spouse's meal;
The ever-popular raffle will be streamlined and potentially improved over the next year by providing the 
opportunity for increased funding depending on the previous months' collection
After further review, the budget is nearly balance, and after the extensive discussion was approved by the board.

New Membership form
Jim has put together a new member application form to replace the old ones, as well as a new single-page brochure 
to promote the club at such events as Hamfests. The changes made update the club to reflect current
activities and status and minimize the unneeded information collected. The new forms were accepted pending small changes.

New Business
Tsunami Relief
W7TSQ proposed some significant donation to the amateurs or organizations involved in Tsunami Relief. It was noted 
that although the board voted the remaining 2004 DX budget ($150) to Hurricane relief in December, it instead went to the 
Red Cross for Tsunami relief since the Florida operation was $8000 OVER their goal.
Resolved: THe board will send an additional $100 (bringing the total to $250) to an organization involved in that 
area. THe secretary will research and present information on the potential recipients by the next meeting. Also, at the 
next meeting, a collection will be taken from the general membership to be sent along with the additional amount.

Hillar has been spelunking through the historical club documents in search of the original and revised versions of 
by-laws and articles. He believe he has found the original, plus two revisions, latest update made in 1996.  He is 
approximately 75% of the way completed on a DRAFT of new bylaws, which will be presented to the board for
review.  Certain changes are needed to reflect current rules and conditions regarding bylaws.

Salmon Run
The board is looking for creative ways to increase participation in the Salmon run, perhaps encouraging greater 
international presentation. Hillar pointed out that emphasis was needed on bands where these contacts could be made, and 
from counties that were needed by international stations. THe event will be talked up at the Hamfest in Puyallup...

W7DX/WWDXC web site & email addresses The secretary will contact N0AX to see if it's
possible to get email addresses for W7DX added to QRZ.COM and QTH.Com and any other place, as well as provide
"membership@wwdxc.org" email address for general questions/comments.

Other events
Field day will be held on the eastside in Preston at the QTH of club member N9ADG. Herb W7ZR is overall 
coordinator, Jim K7WA will be heading up UHF/VHF Operations.

The Portland DX Convention is in August, club is looking into ability for members to go as a group, perhaps by 
train, to the convention. 

The meeting was Adjourned just before 2100.