March 2005 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | March 28, 2005
WWDXC Board Meeting 03/28/2005

In attendance
Roger W7VV
Denny W7SNH
Jim K7WA
Joe W7QC
Dick K7BTW
Herb W7ZF
Elsie N7YX
Hillar N6HR
Kirk N7UK
Marina N7LSL
Brian N9ADG

Meeting called to order at 1855

Minutes were approved from the last meeting.

1 Application for the fiendishly difficult NAANY award received

No new member applications received, it is close to the annual renewal time. Jim will send renewal forms to all members 
active in 2004, some from 2003. There was further discussion on renewal criteria. The renewal notices will go out at the end of April

Roster No email roster has circulated yet. Five renewals were received at Puyallup

Treasurer's report
2 dues payments were received in February.
The Repeater rent was paid.

Old Business
A check for the VU4 relief/operation was being sent to the appropriate people via Hillar at Visalia. 

DX Cluster - THe cluster repeater is moving to Mike Mraz's house

Card Checking - N7UX is looking for someone to take over the card checking duties

New Business
Member and Rookie of the Year awards
Nominations were taken, and the board voted on the recipients of these awards.

Hillar has received input from members of the board, and will be redrafting and resending out a new version of proposed new 
bylaws. They could be voted and accepted by the board as soon as April, after which they will be presented to the membership as a 
whole for discussion and voting.  The President will set a date and time for the membership meeting in which the potential new bylaws 
will be presented.

Next Meeting: April 12 - Elks Club in Lake City - Subject: VP5W

Club's special service status - The Secretary will review and renew for this year.

Club repeater - the President took it upon himself to coordinate with Herb, W7ZX, regarding the club's repeater activities. 

WWDXC representation at Puyallup - Consensus is that we could use a new banner and expanded promotional activities at next year's 
Puyallup hamfest. Suggestions were discussed to show videos, have the Salmon Run results available, be able to renew/sign up members 
on the spot, etc.  Marina will provide information to the board (AFTER THE ECOM conference) regarding how to get a great looking 
banner made.

W7DX QSL Cards - disscussion ensued on what to do with the response to incoming QSLs for club operations. Consensus was that future club-
call operations will be strongly encouraged to provide electronic logs in a format tbd but likely ADIF to the club call QSL 
chairperson, who for this year will also be the secretary. It was also suggested that the user of the club call be responsible for 
responding to QSLs for their operation. 

WWDXC Web Master - to better recognize the work done on the club's behalf, the position of "webmaster" for the club was established, 
with WA0RJY in this position.

Packet Cluster Chairperson - In a similar move, a new role of "Packetmaster" er, Packet Cluster Chairperson was established, 
Mike Mraz taking on this role with the move of the equipment to his location. 

Field Day - Herb will update the board with the plans upon his return from vacation in Arizona.

DX Convention - since there are many people known to be going to the Portland DX Convention, it was thought that it might be fun to try 
to get the group to go as a whole through the use AMTRAK  (or some other means) -- however upon investigation, it was found that AMTRAK 
wasn't convenient to the location of the convention, and parking in Seattle wasn't particularly easy either. Unless someone steps forth 
to organize, people will be on their own to get to the show.

Salmon Run - There was a desire expressed to get out more PR early for this event this year.