April 2005 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | April 25, 2005
WWDXC Board Meeting 04/25/2005
In attendance: 
Denny W7SNH
Roger W7VV
Jim   K7WA
Marina N7LSL
Pat   W7GTO
Dick   K7BTW
Hillar N6HR
Elsie  N7YX
Herb   W7ZF
Kirk   N7UK

Minutes were accepted from last month's meeting

   renewals are coming in, despite official notices just being sent 
out now for renewals

Treasurer's report:
   $155 received last month, $403 spent last month, mainly on DX 
plaques and Tsunami Relief.
   Treasurer's report was accepted by the board

   Renewals for 160 are being sent out
   No new memberships received this month
   The Secretary will be retrieving mail from POBOX until 5/25 

Old Business:
   Mike Mraz will be taking over the packet operational details from Kurt 
   W7DX QSL cards - Kt7G has voluteered to take over QSLing and other W7DX related chores
   Roger our VP will be sending thank-you letters to presenters
   Kirk N7UK will be coordinating our Puyallup promotional activities.
   Herb W7ZF will be assuming the responsibilities related to the 
   W7DX repeater operations, and coordinate with Denny to meet with Norm to transfer day-to-day operations.

New Business:
   Kevin K7RX is the new award membership chairperson

   Marina will be investigating the possibility of obtaining new and 
better insurance for the club.

   ByLaws -- another go-round of small changes was made, and likely 
will be able to present the bylaws to the membership in June

Next Monthly Meeting:
   The May meeting is at Angelos in Burien, regarding recent operations by FT5XO - Our own Mike Mraz, who recognized many of our 
club member calls during his CW operations there - will be presenting.   At the June Meeting, there will be some Lifetime Achievement 
awards presented (program yet TBD).

Special Activities:
   An owner of Salmon Run promotional activities was determined 
   Field Day: Herb W7ZF provided an update on field day planning, and a field trip is planned to the 2005 field day site to determine 
tentative station locations. Sign ups for people interested in operating the various stations will be started online and continued 
through the next general meetings.