May 2005 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | May 23, 2005
WWDXC Board Meeting 05/23/2005 
Note that the meeting was held one week earlier than normal this 
month due to the holiday weekend of the 30th.

In Attendance:
Hillar  N6HR
Elsie N6XY
Kirk    N7UK
Joe W7QN
Denny W7SNH
Marina N7LSL
Herb W7ZF 
Brian N9ADG

The Secretary was not only late for the meeting by approximately 8 minutes, and additionally was suitably chastised for not stopping by 
the club PO box to pick up the mail.  Consequently, there may have been correspondence, but it remained unread, safely ensconced in the 
PO Box, during the entire meeting.

The Treasurer's report was reviewed and approved.
The Secretary is to follow up with N0AX to make sure an email address for W7DX is on (and has since found out that QRZ.COM 
lists "" as the contact email address on QRZ.COM. Thanks Ward!)

The Packet Cluster equipment has been moved to N6MZ QTH

Our w7dx Repeater site (147.00, input 600Kc down)  was visited on 5/17, and the backup machine seen, in preparation for transition to 
Herb W7ZF as coordinator. A discussion ensued about appropriate use of the machine, and consideration given to ARES/RACES usage as 

W7DX callsign is to be transitioned to the new trustee KT7G

The new WWDXC Bylaws, thoughtfully drafted by Hillar, redrafted, and reviewed by the board over the last few months will be placed before 
the membership at large for review and a vote "real soon now", after a motion was carried by the board. A suggestion to have the bylaw 
voting meeting at field day was shouted down by the president.

FIELD DAY FIELD DAY FIELD DAY. Remember, Field Day is June 25,26 this year, 11am Saturday to 11am Sunday. There have been some rule 
revisions regarding field day, check them out on .

Field Day: There will be a site review and final needs assessment done on 6/11. Those interested in attending please contact Herb 
W7ZF. OPERATORS ARE NEEDED for the PHONE station, CW Station, Digital Station. PRIME operating times are still Available! Watch 
the Tabloid and your email inbox for more FIELD DAY related information.  

Can you guess which of the following will NOT be present at field day?

Multi Element Beams
Hot Dogs
Logging Software
Beverages (both kinds)
Live Chickens
G5RV Variants
Ample room for tents
Great spirits
Fuel in the form of Ethanol AND gasoline

See Herb W7ZF or a station captain at the next general meeting, or send email to Herb to participate. All are welcome.