June 2005 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | June 27, 2005
WWDXC Board Meeting 6/27/05

The meeting was convened by the president at 7:06:15.34

The Minutes from the last board meeting were reviewed, and overwhelmingly accepted by the board.


RTTY Component for NW trophy -- A lively discussion was had regarding adding in the RTTY components of the
appropriate contests which are now part of the NW 

Trophy. The original request was from the Portland club. The intent would be to include three additional
contests as opportunities to score points for the yearly trophy challenge.  It was resolved that the President
will notify the Portland club that we're in agreement with their plans.

Request for funding for Glorioso Island DXpedition -- FR/G is going to be active later this year, and the
board voted $100 in support of the operation.

There was a request from a member regarding providing more tutorials on logging, amps, QSLing, etc. as related to DXing; while there wasn't a clear action 
plan, the Vice President has noted the request for future meeting material.

The recipient of the W7PHO scholarship wrote a wonderful thank-you letter to the WWDXC.  

Treasurer's Report:
The Treasurer presented the numbers on the finances. 
.-- .   .--- ..- ... -  ... .- ...- . -..  .-  - ---
-. --- ..-. -- --- -. . -.--   --- -.  --- ..- .-. 
-.-. .-.. ..- -...  .. -. ... ..- .-. .- -. -.-. . 

Membership Report:
150 Renewal notices were sent out 4/9, we've received 95 renewals as of 6/27.

Old Business:
The Secretary is going to check of the membership email alias works.
KT7G is going to be the new W7DX license trustee

New Business:
Hillar is going to make minor revisions to the proposed new bylaws in response to feedback received
from club members.  The final version will be voted on in September. 

Stay tuned for details on the 2005 picnic; please reserve the usual date in August for this event.

There will be no Board meeting in July
There will be no General meeting in August
The October board meeting will be on October 24.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm

Field day Recap:
The 2005 Field day event was held in Preston, WA; We
were class 3A; the operators involved were:
Hillar    N6HR                
Elsie     N7YX                
Brian     N9ADG             
Pat       W7GTO            
Joe       W7QN             
Dick      K7BTW             
Roger     W7VV              
Joe       W7QN              
Jim       K7WA              
Alan      N7BF              
Paul      NG7T              
John      N7SEJ
Jack      WA0RJY           
Herb      W7ZF
Sam       WC7Q
Denny     W7SNH            
Emma & Sam Moran (No calls yet)

While a full recap of field day will be provided in a program or tabloid article(s), the club tentatively made
2058 QSO's on CW/Phone/RTTY (VHF and HF combined).