August 2005 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | August 29, 2005
WWDXC Board Meeting 2005/08/29

In Attendance:
Joe W7QN
Denny W7SNH
Roger W7VV
Jim K7WA
Herb W7ZF
Marina N7LSL
John N7TT
Brian N9ADG
Dick K7BTW

Meeting Minutes from June were reviewed and approved

Requests from A52, 3Y, and K7C were received. A52 and 3Y qualified for the $50 funding level; K7C was voted
to receive $100.

Treasurer's report
The new insurance binder was received and reviewed. $25 will be sent to Willamette for QSL Cards
The July Treasurers report was reviewed and approved

4 new membership applications were received this month.
160 renewals were sent out, 113 have been returned as of this date. 
The Roster is in progress, expect electronic distribution of the new version; completion set for September

W7DX Trustee
Paperwork has been filed with FCC to change the trustee to KT7G

Travelling NW Award
RTTY has been added "on probation" to the travelling inter-club competition, for a period of one year.
Details of the three added contests to be described in the tabloid.

Hillar Ramat is taking over the contest coordinator position

They've been available for review on the web site since June, and will be voted on at the September
meeting by the membership.

W7DX Repeater
There will be a survey of repeater user usage and aspirations soon.

Next Month's general meeting - ANGELOS IN BURIEN

New business
MIRO (Mercer Island Radio Organization) would like WWDXC to give a presentation, K7WA to handle

September 17 and 18 brings the seasonal migration of QSOs to Washington State. Make sure you get on the air
that weekend, especially if you can hand out the rarer counties. While the competition isn't cutthroat, there are some
mighty runs that can occur.  New for this year is the elimination of the no-spot rule. This should cut down on any potential
fishy business. 

Field day wrap up
Herb noted that despite our FD entry class of 3A vs another well-known club's entry of 6A, our scores were within 10-20% of 

Willamette Valley DX Club Convention 
John N7TT mentioned that the WVDXC convention was a resounding success, and suggested some of the
techniques that contributed.

WWDXC DXCC Card Checker in the offing!
The club is going to have it's own ARRL Sanctioned DXCC Card checker. Dick, K7BTW, has volunteered to
take the test and has been recommended by the club to the ARRL.