October 2005 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | October 24, 2005

WWDXC Board Meeting October 24, 2005

Hillar N6HR
Jim K7WA
Joe W7QN
Roger W7VV
Dick K7BTW

Meeting was called to order promptly at 1900

Minutes from September were thoroughly reviewed and approved
by the board.

New Business
ARRL International DX Contest plaques – The club sponsors
two plaques for the ARRL Int’l DX contest –
JA Low Power SSB and JA Low Power CW. The board moved to
continue to sponsor these plaques for 2006.

Treasurer’s Report
Presented in absentia, it was reviewed by the board

Membership Report
38 second notice renewal notices were sent out; three
renewals have been received.
The Web information available on our members will be updated
to reflect renewals and new members

DX Repeater Questionnaire
The Questionnaire was sent out to the membership; results
were unavailable
Other Repeater news
The club is in receipt of an offer by a large equipment
manufacturer to sponsor repeater operation costs. More news later.

Salmon Run
The Salmon Run “committee” will meet in November, probably,
to do the scoring on this past year’s contest.
Jim K7WA will keep the board up to date on the progress as
it’s available.

Jim will be presenting to the MIRO (Mercer Island Radio
Organization) club in December regarding the activities of the WWDXC

Web Site
The board will investigate making the links to obtain club
badges and QSL cards more prominent on the web site

Tabloid & Badges
The board discussed the desirability of eliminating as of
January 1, 2006 the Totem Tabloid print edition to lessen the burden
on our publisher
Jack WA0RJY, as well as save the club additional $$.

The board is exploring the inclusion of a membership badge
as part of the new members package; consultation with the
Treasurer on the implications of doing so was delayed until
the next meeting. The desire was to make this change coincident
with the elimination of the print edition of the Tabloid.

Contest Update
Hillar points out that there’s a movement afoot to have
the “7QP” – Seventh Area QSO Party, on the 1st or 2nd weekend in May.
As a new event, it would encourage participation by making
each county multipliers, etc. The details are being worked out by
a committee via email — Hillar promises to keep the board
appraised of the progress

Club Meeting Presentations
November – Ward Silver, tanned and ready to run, will be
presenting on the
Kure Island DXpedition “Kure Island: How I Stopped Worrying
and Learned to Love the Crabs” (okay, we made that part up)

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comments like these in parentheses)

Officers and Directors Elections – it’s that time again!
Everything that makes a democracy great! Nominations! (Vote buying
and Gerrymandering!)

November – Time to plot your strategy to make sure YOUR
candidate is nominated, whether they like it or not!

December – Be there for the action! Back room deals.
Surprise candidates. Voting!
(See how 90 votes can be squeezed out of 57
attending members!)

All of the officer positions are officially open, and any
Trustee position expiring in 2005 is open.
See a current member of the board if you’d like to nominate
someone, or have any questions in your consideration of a
role as a club officer or trustee.