November 2005 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | November 28, 2005

WWDXC Board Meeting – November 27, 2005

In Attendance:
Elsie N7YX
Hillar N6HR
Kirk N7UK
Joe W7QN
Denny W7SNH
Jim K7WA
Marina N7LSL
Herb W7ZF
Brian N9ADG

The President called the meeting to order at 1900.

Minutes from the October meeting were reviewed and accepted.

WRTC 2006 – The Team Captain was elected — Ward N0AX is the
team captain, and is proceeding with his duties
QSLs for W7DX were also received

Treasurers Report
No Substantial activity was noted this month, however the
treasurer is still not in receipt of receipts
from the Secretary for Field Day. The expenses for
publishing of the Tabloid have not been received in a while,
and no remit can be made when they are in remiss.

Two renewals were received; the club has approximately 120

Old Business
Repeater – Herb took a survey of the club members, and the
consensus seems to be that spots and voice traffic are
incompatible. There was some interest on the part of
some club members to use the repeater, however the spot traffic
made conventional voice use difficult.

The secretary volunteered to work with Herb and W7LFA to
see if there’s a way to coordinate voice and spot traffic

As a side note, a notable locally based manufacturer of
radio gear has expressed interest in assisting with our repeater
operational expenses; Herb/Denny to follow up.

Salmon Run Committee – some expenses for Salmon were
received by the Treasurer, however the usual end-of-contest
for the Salmon run hasn’t occurred yet. Jim will follow
up with members of the committee.

Totem Tabloid & Membership badges
The board moved and approved the inclusion of a callsign
badge with initial club membership for new members
starting January 1. Jim will revise the membership
forms as appropriate commensurate with the change.

ELECTIONS – The President reminds everyone that anyone can
be nominated by anyone (including themselves) to be a candidate
for club officer or club director. See the nominating
committee (N0AX, n0ax, and Ward Silver) to nominate.

New Business
Dick K7BTW will be assisting Kevin K7RX as Awards Chairman,
as Kevin has been having difficulty getting to meetings lately.
The club is also reminded that Dick is now an official ARRL
Card checker.

2006 Budget Process – The 2006 budget is being considered
and constructed, so it’s crucial to have all expenses from 2005
known and accounted for.

Angelo’s in Bellevue – The marked contrast of the
hospitality and menu between Burien and Bellevue Angelo’s was noted
discussed by the board members. Denny volunteered to
encourage further discussion, culminating in speaking with
the Angelo’s staff.

December Meeting – Elk’s Club in Lake City. The Holiday
Club Meeting will feature Non-linear mixing and discussion &
practice in the appropriate use of organic solvents,
such as alcohol.

January Meeting – The recent Pribiloff Island expedition by
Elsie and Hillar Ramat.

WWDXC presents to Mercer Island Radio Operators (MIRO) – Jim
and Denny will be presenting to the Mercer Island Radio Club
on 12/15.

The Seventh Area QSO Party (” 7 Q P “) – Hillar has been
following and participating in the discussions of this new-next-year
operating event, scheduled for May 6 & 7 of 2006.
Similar in nature to other regional QSO parties, Hillar reminds that
there is a lively discussion underway on some internet
mailing lists about the contest.

SKYWARN DAY – DECEMBER 3, 2005 — Watch for local
participation in this Nationwide exercise for SKYWARN day.

W7DX will likely be on the air for the ARRL 160M contest
starting this Friday (2200Z).