February 2006 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | February 28, 2006

WWDXC Board Meeting – February 27, 2006

In Attendance

Elsie N7YX
Hillar N7HR
Kirk N7UK
Marina N7LSL
Denny W7SNH
Roger W7VV
Jim K7WA
Herb W7ZF
Brian N9ADG

Meeting was called to order at 1900

The minutes from January were read and approved.

The President has been receiving some email inquiries about
the status of the Salmon Run 2005 results.
The Secretary received notice that the ARRL club information
was in need of a refresh.

Treasurer’s Report
After review, the 2006 budget was accepted and adopted by
the board.

A single renewal came in this month.

Old Business
Repeater – it was noted that when voice traffic occurs on
the repeater, that DX spots are intruding over the top of the
in-progress conversation. The board expressed it’s desire
to have the voice traffic supercede the DX spots; Brian N9ADG
volunteered to provide a technical solution if necessary in
conjunction with Herb W7ZF coordinating access.

With the review of the current list of members receiving the
tabloid via USPS, it was noted that many have email, since they
communicate with club members that way. The opinion was
expressed that the tabloid could go ‘all electronic’ ahead of
schedule (originally June 1). Jim K7WA is keeping the list,
and checking it twice.

New Business
Club Shirts, mugs, or other swag. The President floated the
idea of a WWDXC shirt, mug, or other membership indicator, which
could be offered to the membership. Others expressed
interest in this (hats?) once the costs were known. Discussion ensued
about doing this coincident with the DX convention, or
perhaps the salmon run. The president/vice president will be
investigating and discussing in the future.

February Program
VP5 – Bob and Harry – K7LAY and K7LAZ – Burien.

Puyallup Hamfest
Kirk has been coordinating activities for the club table at
the fest, and has obtained a new club banner, QSL book, and
will have the ability to ascertain member status, show DX
video, SIGN UP NEW MEMBERS ON THE SPOT, and in general promote
the club. All club members are encouraged to stop by, and
better yet encourage NON members to stop by and join.
March 11 – Puyallup – see the Mike and Key Club site for
more information.

2006 Communications Academy
Marina reminds everyone that the 2006 Communications Academy
is being held at the Regional Criminal Justice Training Center,
April 1-2, 2006. Everyone is encouraged to visit the web
site http://www.commacademy.org/ for more details, as well as sign

Meeting adjourned at 2005