August 2006 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | August 29, 2006

Western Washington DX Club

Minutes of the Board of Directors, August 28, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 0200 UTC by President Denny, W7SNH.

Due to the absence of the secretary, W7ZF recorded the minutes of the

In attendance:
Elsie, N7YX
Hillar, N6HR
Herb, W7ZF
Denny, W7SNH
Marina, N7LSL
Dick, K7BTW
Pat, W7GTO

Minutes of the June meeting were approved.

Correspondence: A letter from KB7OPQ of the BEARS club was read. WWDXC
members are invited to attend a ceremony commemorating the 25th anniversary
of Chinese amateur operations. This event will be held on Sept. 9 at 10:30

Treasurer’s report showed little change since the last meeting.

No membership report.

Old business: W7DX VHF-FM repeater. Pat reported that the repeater
transmitter was emitting low power, possibly due to the warm weather. Herb
reported that a form must be filled out, signed by W7LFA, and then submitted
to WWARA to complete the change of control operator. Herb also made a
motion that the WWDXC renew its membership in WWARA at an annual cost of $5.
The motion passed on a voice vote.

Salmon Run. W7DX will be activated on Camano Island this year at a
waterfront cottage. Various proposed changes to the rules were discussed.
No action taken.

Tee shirts..nothing new to report.

New Business: Hillar reminded everyone that officers will be elected at the
December meeting and that all of us need to contact potential officers for
the 2007 year.

The September meeting will be held as usual at Angelo’s in Burien. The
program has not yet been finalized, but it promises to be good!

Denny gave a report on the annual WWDXC picnic, held in August at Bob, W7TSQ’s
QTH in Edmonds. Attendance was off some this year, for unknown reasons, but
all who were there had a fine time with good WX and excellent food and

A motion was made and passed to make a contribution to Evergreen Hospice in
memoriam of Roger’s wife Sue.

Next board meeting will be on Sept. 25.

The meeting was adjourned at 0259 UTC.