September 2006 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | September 26, 2006
WWDXC Board Meeting 09/25/2006
In Attendance
Marina  N7LSL
Dick K7BTW
Herb W7ZF
Jim K7WA
Kirk N7UK
Joe W7QN
Brian N9ADG
The last meeting’s minutes were read and approved
Treasurer’s Report
Marina presented the numbers, and they were reviewed by the board.
Old Business
Repeater – Herb gave an update on the repeater operation. One item for followup was to determine if the coverage area could be increased.
Membership Report
26 members have not yet renewed
Salmon Run
Over 100 electronic logs have been received, more than 24 paper logs, and logs are still coming in at the rate of 2-3 per day. Deadline for the logs are 10/31/06
BEARS presentation – nothing new to report
PR Reflector – Pat has successfully signed up to the ARRL PR reflector
Convention Details – Denny will provide a report at the next meeting, but the biggest issue is the location
Travelling Trophy – The RTTY Contest was the first event in the competition, there seemed to be a lot of club activity for this oneNext General Meeting – Elks Club – WRTC Brazil, by Ward N0AX

Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm