October 2006 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | October 31, 2006

WWDXC Board Meeting 2006-10-30

Herb W7ZF
Jim K7WA
Joe W7QN
Denny W7SNH
Roger W7VV
Dick K7BTW
Marina N7LSL
Kirk N7UK
Hillar N6HR
Elsie N7YX
Brian N9ADG

The Minutes from the September meeting were read and accepted.

Two VU7 expeditions are planned for December — Since VU7 is
the #2 most sought after DX, $100 was voted for each.
For the upcoming S21EA operation, a $100 donation was
approved by the board
Thank you notes from W7VV and the Evergreen Hospital
Foundation were received by the club

Treasurer’s report
The report was reviewed, moved and accepted by the board.
Very little financial activity occurred in the last month.

Membership committee report
AD7AF’s application for membership was received, reviewed,
and accepted
Salmon Run
The log submission deadline is 10/31/2006. Over 40 paper
logs have been received, and many more received electronically.
Silent Auction Status
The antennas, 2m and HF rigs which are part of the WWDXC
silent auction will be sold to the highest bidder in December

New Business
Elections are coming in December. President, VP, Secretary,
Treasurer, and Director positions are open for nominations, vote to
occur in

December. Contact Ward N0AX to nominate someone.
2007 PNW DX Convention
A site has been selected! The Holiday Inn in Everett will be
the venue for the PNW DX Convention 2007, to be held August 10-12,
2007. More

information will be forthcoming.

ROSTER update
Jim K7WA will be updating the ROSTER cover sheet and
membership list for 2007
Travelling Trophy
Roger will have the NW Trophy plate engraved with updated
winner information for 2004-2006 contest seasons
Membership Awards
The annual membership awards will occur in January
November Program
1988 : Contesting In the Past vs Now : P40V
Ever heard of P40V? For the CQWW Phone contest in 1988, 15
people, 6 stations (all bands) won the world in 1988. For the CW
contest, #2 in the

world was obtained; ALL BEFORE COMPUTERS! This operation had a
number of ‘firsts’ – 1st contest with sponsorship (ICOM and ETO-
Alpha) among them. Jim

K7WA will present from original source material, including ANALOG
35mm slides. Come see how things change as they stay the same –
November 14, 2006 –

Angelos in Burien.

Next Travelling Trophy Contest Opportunity
CQWW CW – 11/25-26