February 2007 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | February 26, 2007

WWDXC Board Meeting 2007-02-26



Brian Moran, N9ADG

Harry Hudson, K7LAZ

Alan Burgstahler, N7BF

Marina Zuetell, N7LSL

Jim Hadlock, K7WA

Kirk Bellar, N7UK

Denny Bowman, W7SNH

Pat Shinners, W7GTO


The minutes from the January 2007 meeting were accepted.



  • 7th Area QSO Party – Jack has asked about WWDXC sponsoring plaques for 7QP.  We already pay for ARRLDX and CQWWDX plaques as well as Salmon Run prizes.  K7WA will check out the 7QP plaques, which run about $22 each.


Treasurer’s report:

  • Showed records for January 2007.  Was accepted.



  • Received applications for 1 new member and 1 renewal since last meeting.
  • We will have a table at the Puyallup Ham Swap with a low-profile membership campaign.
  • Talked about those Technician class licensees and other upgrading to General and Extra, and what we can do to appeal to them regarding membership.
  • Yearly renewals start in June.


DX Convention Status:

  • Denny has the latest food menu.  Denny and Joe will go through the food menu and decide on what can be offered at the convention dinner.
  • Working on getting speakers for the convention.  The committee for this is K7SS, N6MZ, and N0AX.
  • Denny talked about potential prizes for the convention.  Preston is working on that.
  • Marina gave us a convention budget showing what the actual expenses were for 2004 and the proposed budget for 2007.


Old Business:

  • Web page status – Have signed up for new web service providers.  We have one web address for WWDXC and one for the Pacific Northwest DX Convention, on different providers.  Have moved some of the web content to the new page.
  • Denny recommended that the board meeting be held in July instead of August due to all that’s going on in August.  Proposed date is July 30.
  • Regular Meeting Location – Northern meeting location averaged 31 in attendance and Southern meeting location averaged 19 over nine months of 2006.  We haven’t always had the same room in Burien each meeting.  Decided to have a vote on the website, in the tabloid, on the WWDXC yahoo group.  The vote will be effective May 2007 for whether we will have all our meetings at the Lake City location.
  • Salmon Run – Making progress on results.  Denny bought the salmon for the prizes.  Any leftover salmon will be used as prizes at the DX Convention.  We had 100 electronic logs and 40 handwritten logs.  Talked about how things went this year and what may need to be changed for future contests, such as the fact that CW and SSB got 500 bonus points for contacting W7DX, but the rules don’t state the same for digital modes.
  • Life Members – Verified that in October 1992 it was voted by the general membership to have a $25 fee per year for active members.  Jim, K7WA, will work on an addendum for the bylaws to explain.
  • SeaPac Speaker – Still thinking about it.


New Business:

  • There will be no club picnic this year as it conflicts with all the work being done for the DX Convention.  Field Day will still happen.
  • Went through the new budget for 2007.  Changes were made in the various amounts to reflect changes in needs for 2007.
  • Talked about an assumed influx of new members due to licensing changes, and how to approach it.
  • Set December 17, 2007, for the Board Holiday Dinner.


Next general club meeting is in Burien.