November 2007 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | November 26, 2007

WWDXC Board Meeting 2007-11-26


President – Brian Moran, N9ADG

Secretary – Alan Burgstahler, N7BF

Treasurer – Marina Zuetell, N7LSL

Director – Dick Swanson, K7BTW

Director – Joe Gregory, W7QN

Director – Elsie Raamat, N7YX (on phone conference)

Director – Herb Holeman, W7ZF (on phone conference)

Past President – Denny Bowman, W7SNH (on phone conference)

Pat Shinners, W7GTO


The minutes from the October 2007 board meeting were accepted.



  • Received funding request from HQ8R, Swan Island, 2008 Dxpedition. DX Magazine’s 2006 most-wanted list doesn’t list this entity.  It is an IOTA, NA-035.  Board declined funding, but will put this on the website for any donations from members who may be interested.
  • Received funding request from HAØDU for FWØRE, Wallis Island, Dxpedition. This is #80 on DX Magazine’s 2006 most-wanted list, and is needed by many on the low bands.  Funding of $25 was approved.


Treasurer’s report:

  • The treasurer’s report was submitted and accepted.  Income included $1000.00 from PayPal for DX Convention registrations.
  • Marina reported that the club Certificate of Deposit (CD) totaling $4138 that was earning 3.4% interest was coming due for renewal.  She requested that we increase the monetary amount to $5000 so we can invest it in a 7-month CD that will earn interest at 4.6%.  Approved.



  • No new members signed up since last month.  N7LOX has renewed his membership after being an inactive life member for several years.


Old Business:

  • The web site is going well.  Income from Google was received for $100.  We earn about $10 a month in the website advertisements clicks.
  • No changes in the club repeater.  WWARA dues for $5 are to be sent.
  • The Salmon Run contest certificates will be printed by K7LOG.  K7WA will start processing Salmon Run logs when he gets home from the Turks and Caicos.
  • Traveling Trophy:  Scores have been posted by a number of the club’s members but nothing from other clubs yet.
  • Club Elections:  Jack, WAØRJY, will be the nominating committee and will handle the nominations.  Elections will be held at the December club meeting.


New Business:

  • Membership award nominations are open and have been received for Most Valuable Player (MVP), Member of the Year, and Rookie of the Year.  The board will vote on these nominations by e-mail, with the votes to be in to Dick, K7BTW, by December 5th.  As of the board meeting, there were four nominations for MVP (one since declined), four nominations for Member of the Year, and two nominations for Rookie of the Year.  Rookie of the Year is awarded to a member who joined the club during the past year.


The next general club meeting is December 11th in Lake City at the Elks Club, and will be the holiday party.


The next Traveling Trophy contest is the ARRL RTTY Roundup on January 4th and 5th, 2008.


The next full board meeting is January 28, 2008.