January 2015 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | January 26, 2015

2015-01-26 Board Meeting Minutes

Present were Rich W6RS, Brian N7RVD, Adam K7EDX, Frank K7GSE, Dick K7BTW, Dennis K7DSE, Walt K7ZQ and Kirk N7UK.

Adam opened the meeting at 7:00pm PST.

Review/approve minutes

  • The November, 2014 minutes were approved by voice vote.


  • A motion was made and approved to fund the Intrepid DX Group South Sandwich and South Georgia Islands for $400.

Treasurer’s report

  • The December report was approved as submitted.
  • Cash balance 12/31/2014: $21,366.38 with income of $175.00 and expenditures of $748.87.


  • 170 total active members reported since last tally.

Old business

  • Club is still owed a refund from Nile Country Club.
  • Salmon Run 2014: Final prizes and certificates are in progress.

New Business

  • Rich W6RS proposed the idea of a common DX Convention website .
  • Board is reviewing the 2015 Budget.

Monthly dinner/meeting

  • Meeting attendance for December 9th was 41 and January 13th The monthly dinner will occur at the 125thStreet Grill on Aurora Avenue on Tuesday the 13th day of January, 2015.  Alan, AC7MX will host the presentation on the sunken SS Central America treasure.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM

Respectfully submitted

Dennis Kourkoumelis, K7DSE