March 2015 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | March 30, 2015

WWDXC Board meeting March 30, 2015

Present were Rich W6RS, Brian N7RVD, Adam K7EDX, Frank K7GSE, Larry K7EKD, Jim K7WA, Dennis K7DSE, Walt K7ZQ, and Dick K7BTW.


Adam opened the meeting at 7:00pm PST.

Review/approve minutes

  • The February, 2015 minutes were approved by voice vote.


  • A funding request was received for the E44Y DXpedition. The Board decided to review future DXpeditions funding requests that were several months out at a later date.

Treasurer’s report

  • The February report was approved as submitted.
  • Cash balance 02/28/2015: $21,603.20 with income of $600.00 and expenditures of $422.00.


  • Jim K7WA reports no new members with 2 renewals and approximately 120 renewals this year.

Old business

  • The refund from the Nile Country Club owed to the club was sent to another organization. Arrangements are in progress to remedy the situation.
  • 2015 Budget. The Board approved the standard 2015 Budget with amendments. The DX Convention budget separately stated is established with the intent to encourage turnout thereby reflecting only increased costs.
  • Salmon Run 2014: Prizes have been sent to Domestic winners. Due to complexities and custom regulations for sending food overseas, the Board agreed that the prizes be retained and alternatives to foreign winners be discussed at a later date.
  • Electronic web commerce for membership renewal and other business is still an issue with the intent for a quick resolve.

New Business

  • DX Convention update: Rich W6RS, reports progress toward hotel accommodations and some early reservations. Scott KA9FOX is to be making further progress on the convention website ( A prize chairman is still needed.

Monthly dinner/meeting

  • Meeting attendance March 10th was 25 attendees. The monthly dinner will occur at the 125thStreet Grill on Aurora Avenue on Tuesday the 14th day of April, 2015.  Curt WR5J will be discussing the Patos Island activation for International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend as the program.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM