September 2015 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | September 28, 2015

WWDXC Board Meeting – 28 Sep 2015


In attendance: Adam K7EDX, Rich W6RS, Kirk N7UK, Bill W7VP, Frank K7GSE, Larry K7EKD, Dick K7BTW, Jim K7WA, Walt K7ZQ, Brian N7RVD. Dennis K7DSE was absent; Kirk recorded the minutes in his stead.

Adam called the meeting to order at 1910.

Minutes: The board approved the August 2015 minutes without objection.


  • The club received a donation request from the S79C DXpedition team for an upcoming DXpedition to Coetivy Island in the Seychelles. This will be a first-time IOTA activation (AF-119), but the Seychelles aren’t in the top 100 most-wanted list for the US west coast. The board denied the request.
  • Rich received a QSL card from Bill Vanderheide N7OU, complimenting Rich and the club for the DX convention. Bill is a well-known DXpeditioner.

Treasurer’s Report: Brian reported that there were no expenditures since the last board meeting. Total balance was $26,640.58 as of Aug. 31. The board approved the report without objection.


  • Jim reported three renewals in September, but no new members since the convention. He’s sent out 115 renewal notices since June, and has received 79.
  • Jim received an e-mail from Michael K5TRI, who complained that he’d been deleted from the reflector. Dick will check.

Old Business:

  • Salmon Run: Jim has received 256 logs to date, with more coming in. Submission deadline is Oct. 5. Participating members reported that propagation on the morning of Sep. 20 was terrible, due to a geomagnetic storm. Conditions improved somewhat in the afternoon.
  • Adam will follow up on an offer from a long-time ham (who shall remain nameless for now) to donate some radio equipment to the club. He’s recently moved to an antenna-restricted neighborhood.
  • Adam will take part in a DXpedition to Willis Island in November. Bill will run the general meeting in his absence, and Brian N9ADG will handle the door prizes.
  • Dick is still looking for a new webmeister for the club’s web page, so that he can step down from that duty. The board discussed several possible candidates.

New Business: The board discussed dinner sign-ups for the general meetings. Adam noted that the members could get a better variety of entrees (read: “Less lasagna!”) if he could get a head count farther in advance of the meetings. Dick moved to require members to RSVP by a given date, acceptable to the 125th St. Grill owners, in order for the members to continue to buy the meal at the $20 rate, otherwise they would have to pay an additional $5. The board seconded and approved this motion without objection. Adam will find out how far ahead of the meetings he’ll need to submit the head count to the Grill.

Monthly Meetings:

  • Attendance at the Sep. 8 meeting was 35.
  • The next meeting will be on Oct. 13 at the 125th Grill. Gordon NW7D will present a program on aeronautical mobile operation.

With no further business, Adam adjourned the meeting at 2020.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kirk Bellar N7UK, WWDXC Trustee