Washington Club Gets North Cook Islands Ham Back on the Air after Lengthy Absence

By | February 3, 2017

From: ARRL News


Thanks to the generosity of members of the ARRL-affiliated Western Washington DX Club (WWDXC) Pia “Papa Pia” Taraeka, E51PT, of Manihiki, North Cook Islands, is back on the after a more than 3-decade absence.

“My interest in Amateur Radio started around 1962 as a radio operator working for the Cook Island and New Zealand governments,” Papa Pia recounted on his QRZ.com profile. “My primary job was relaying radio Morse code traffic destined for the Cook Islands and other places, including New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti, and Niue.”

Bob Nielsen, N7XY, donated the bulk of the radio gear, while Bengt-Erik Norum, K7ADD/E51AMF, helped to set up Papa Pia’s station (and help another North Cook Islands ham, too). Papa Pia is on CW and SSB, 80 through 10 meters, running 100 W to an all-band dipole. — Thanks to The Daily DX