April 2017 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | May 2, 2017

WWDXC Board meeting April 24, 2017
Present were Adam K7EDX, Kirk N7UK, Brian N7RVD, Frank K7GSE, Larry K7EKD and Dennis K7DSE.

Adam opened the meeting at 7:00pm PST.

Review/approve minutes
 The March 2017 minutes were approved by voice vote.

 It is with deepest regrets to report that Bob, W7TSQ is now a silent key.
 No DXpedition funding requests were received.
 DX Engineering is offering presentations to Clubs via Skype.
 A letter and DVD was received from Indexa explaining who they are and what they do. They have a division that could be of interest to those combining both expedition and humanitarian efforts.
Treasurer’s report
 The March report was approved as submitted.
 Cash balance 03/31/2017: $23,280.72. March income of $25 and expenditures of $932.

 Jim K7WA is out of town and membership will be updated next meeting.

Old business
 The 2016 Salmon Run is complete.
 The Club picnic is confirmed to be at Rob N7QT’s residence on July 15.
 The Board is considering a proposal for an overall Award Manager.
 Rich W6RS is still working on Remote Meeting set up.
 Club Bylaws will be updated for Summer scheduling when more Board members are available.
 No changes have been made yet to the Club repeater.

New business
 The Board thanks and acknowledges the work of Bengt K7ADD on the redesign of the new club website. More input from the Board will be forthcoming as it nears completion.

Monthly dinner/meeting
 The April meeting attendance was approximately 25 attendees. The next meeting will be May 9, 2017 at Robs 125 Street Grill. Bengt-Erik, K7ADD proposes a show and tell of Club member stations.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM

Respectfully submitted
Dennis Kourkoumelis, K7DSE