Club Picnic is Saturday, July 21st

By | July 1, 2018

On Saturday July 21st, we will be hosting our annual picnic at Rob Fanfant N7QT’s house on Union Hill in Redmond. Dickey’s BBQ will be providing most of the food for the event. The picnic will start around 4pm and taper off around 7pm. We’ll be having pulled pork, chopped brisket with side dishes of creamy coleslaw, BBQ beans, and baked potato casserole. The club will provide pop, beer and water and some bottles of wine. The main food will show up around 5pm. This is a family event so bring your kids and significant other.

Since we had too much food last year we are going to make some changes in what we’d like you to bring.
For calls ending (last letter of call) in A-H bring a bottle of wine
For calls ending (last letter of call) in I-P bring an appetizer
For calls ending (last letter of call) in Q-Z bring a dessert
Example: W7DX would bring a dessert, and W7BA would bring a bottle of wine.

Rob’s address is:

21422 NE 79th Street
Redmond, WA

Please RSVP to Adam by July 11th.