A Moment of Silence

By | February 6, 2020

The minutes of the January meeting of the ARRL Board of Directors will be published later today, but a draft has been kindly provided by one of our Club’s members. Please note that the League’s official record now includes two of our Silent Keys, Chuck and Joe.


2. A moment of silence was offered in memory of Amateurs who have passed away since the last meeting, especially: Joseph Areyzaga, K1JGA; Les W. Barclay, G3HTF; Roland Barnaby, NØRAB; Harold F. Blocher, W4YWH; Frederic ‘Fritz” Bock, WD9FMB; Phil Clements, K5PC; Jack Creed, K4EPC; Frank Dowd, K4BVQ; Frank Fascione, K1MAA; Peter Glasmacher, DK5DC/AA6HM; Joe Gregory, W7QN; Erwin Grossman, KØIVO; Mike Hoeft, K2MPH; George W. “Bill” Henry, Jr. K9GWT; Harold Johnson, W4ZCB; James Johnson, WB8YBA; Larry “LJ” Junstrom, K4EB; Brian Kantor, WB6CYT; Rose Kautz, W5KZ; Kresimir “Chris” Kovarik, 9A5K; George Laurer, K4HZE; Robert Mcanany, KM4VRY; Bob McCaffrey, KØCY; Chuck Miller, N6KW; John Nelson, KØIO; Paul H. Newberry, Jr., N4PN; Reynold L. “Fritz” Nitsch, W4NTO; Ananth Pai, VU2PAI; Millard Parker, WB8RQS; Holly Peacock, KB2ZMM; Dr. Larry Price, W4RA; Dan Pruitt, AE6SX; Herbert “Butch” Reich,
KØUBK; Paul L. Rinaldo, W4RI; Doug Robbins, W5DUG; Robert Roehrig, 9EUI; Reginald Russell, NS9H; Bill Santelmann, N1AU; Hisao Shono, JA1AA; Ron Stailey, K5DJ; Myron Steinart, KFØPN; Randy Suess, ex- WB9GPM; Skip Tenney, W1NLB; Harvey C Tewes. KØRY; Stephen Veader, N4DXS; and Glen Whitehouse, K1GW.