By | March 8, 2020

The following is reported by Mike/N7WA.

“I regret to announce that Ernest had a heart attack Friday during the first hours of the <Mike & Key Club Puyallup> Swap Meet setup.

Bystander CPR was started immediately and fairground personnel showed up immediately with their defibrillator. They did manage to give him one shock before Central-Pierce showed up with their equipment.

I don’t know if they administered any shocks but they worked on Ernest (CPR) for a very long time before he was transported to Good Samaritan where he was pronounced as a Silent Key.

On a personal note, I work in the defibrillator industry and occasionally teach bystander CPR/AED training. I was impressed with both the willingness of the bystanders to jump  right in and start CPR. The Fairgrounds personnel were trained and knew what to do. Normally, witnessed cardiac arrest cases like this with a quick shock have the highest chance for success.

The Mike & Key has expressed our condolences to Mrs. Sabo and wish to express them to all that knew Ernest.”