March 2020 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | April 10, 2020

WWDXC Board meeting March 30, 2020

Present were Rob N7QT, Adam K7EDX, Kirk N7UK, Tom NU7J, Rich W6RS, John W7CD, Rusty W6OAT and Dennis K7DSE.

Note: This meeting was held via teleconference using the Zoom platform due to the Corona virus pandemic.

Rob opened the meeting at 7:00pm PST.

Review/approve minutes
* The February, 2020 minutes were approved by voice vote

* Due to the Corona virus pandemic, the Pacific NW DX Convention to be held in Portland was cancelled. The issue of whether the Willamette Valley DX Club sponsors it the following year or pass altogether and keep the current Club schedule intact remains undetermined as of this date.

Treasurer’s report
* The February report was approved by voice vote.
* Cash balance 02/29/20: $28,500.14, Income February: $605.91 and Expenditures $465.73.

* Dennis, K7DSE reports no changes in membership.

Old business
* John W7CD and Kirk N7UK will coordinate to gather the Club repeater hardware.

New business
* Tom, NU7J proposed a change to the Club’s Totem award confirmation process. This entails dropping the QSL card requirement as proof of contact and instead submitting a log of stations worked. Notwithstanding the new requirement, the award chairperson still reserves the right to make further inquiries.
A motion was made and approved to adopt the proposed change.

Monthly dinner/meeting
* Due to legislative restrictions requiring social distancing, the dinner meeting normally held at Robs 125 Street Grill will now be held via teleconference at its normal time of 7:00pm on April 14th, 2020. A meeting moderator will be available for questions. An announcement will be sent out via the Clubs Email Reflector with instructions to participants on how to attend. Grant KZ1W will be presenting on the Temotu DXpedition.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Dennis Kourkoumelis, K7DSE