Bob Nielsen, N7XY, SK

By | October 14, 2020

It is with deep sadness that the Nielsen family announces the passing of Bob Nielsen.

Bob died peacefully of natural causes on Friday, October 9th, sitting in his favorite chair, at the age of 81. His family is planning a memorial service for sometime in August 2021.

Bob lived an amazing life and was married to the love of his life Josette for nearly 60 years. He raised four children, and was a grandfather of 9 and great-grandfather of 2. The most tech savvy 81 year old on the planet, Bob left behind a 12 page double-sided document full of login names and complex passwords. but to make it even more challenging, set up two factor authentication to really keep us (and would-be hackers) on our toes.
Look for the full obituary coming soon.