May 2022 – Board Meeting Notes

By | July 9, 2022

Meeting called to order 7:05 by club president, Rob N7QT. In attendance were Rob N7QT;
Robin WA7CPA; Rich W6RS; Dennis K7DSE; Adam K7EDX; Dennis K5EM; Jack N7JP; and Marv

  • Review/Approve Minutes: Motion to approve minutes was made by Adam K7EDX and seconded by Dennis K7DSE. Approved.
  • Correspondence: Motion to approve DXPedition funding request by J28MD was made by Adam K7EDX, for a $200 donation per club guidelines. Motion seconded by Dennis K7DSE. Approved.
  • Treasurer Report: Motion to approve Treasurer report made by Rich W6RS and seconded by Jack N7JP. Approved.
  • Membership report by Jack N7JP: 167 active members, 1 new member from Kingston, 2 renewals, and 1 past member renewed.
  • Old Business
    • Salmon Run rules update by Justin K5EM motioned to approve by Adam K7EDX seconded by Dennis K7DSE. Approved.
    • Rob N7QT set up 1 Password with intention to make himself, Dennis K7DSE, and Justin K5EM administrators. Rob N7QT will enable administrative privileges to them.
    • MOU: K7EDX motioned to accept the changes suggested by Robin WA7CPA in the Memorandum of Understanding with the Spokane DX Club, striking the term “gentleman’s agreement” in favor of more inclusive language. There were multiple seconds and the motion was approved. Rob N7QT will discuss the changes with the president of the Spokane club. Dennis K7DSE also brought up the language about which club pays for any breakage or theft when a projector is loaned to the other club. Robin WA7CPA made a motion to purchase ARRL club insurance for the projector and other miscellaneous club personal property. Dennis K7DSE seconded it and the motion was approved. Adam K7EDX volunteered to inventory club equipment and look into the insurance.
    • Annual Club Picnic, July 17, 2022: There was discussion about finding out what the current per head charge is for Dickey’s barbecue and how much to charge picnic attendees. The club will purchase wine and beer. Attendees will be asked to pay in advance through PayPal to receive a bracelet at the door for those over 21 years of age to be served alcohol. The event will be a combination of catered barbecue and potluck. A final decision will be made on what to charge. Robin will begin advertising the picnic on now with final details to follow.
    • Bylaws Update Project: Adam to put up the next sections of Bylaws on
  • New Business
    • Rich W6RS proposed in-person hybrid Zoom meetings starting in September. Discussion between using Arnie’s in Mukilteo or Rob’s Grill in North Seattle. Discussion about an in-person presenter.
    • SiteGround web hosting discussion of monthly costs versus annual or biannual costs introduced by Justin K5EM. Currently club pays $20 monthly but could get a 2-year subscription for $288. Robin WA7CPA moved to purchase a 2-year subscription. Adam K7EDX seconded motion. Approved.
    • May monthly club meeting presenter will be Ken Nubeck on 6 meters.
    • Club dues were briefly discussed with Adam K7EDX suggesting $30 to build up cash reserve for our next turn to put on the DX Convention. No motion was made.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:57
  • Addendum discussion not on Agenda on WIRESX and DMR and the club repeater. An informal committee will meet for further discussion. Rob N7QT will contact Jamie Hughes.

Meeting Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Robin WA7CPA, substituting for Tom NU7J.