August 2022 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | October 22, 2022

WWDXC Monthly Meeting Minutes, August 30, 2022

  1. Meeting called to order by club Vice President, Adam K7EDX. In attendance were Robin WA7CPA; Dennis K7DSE; Adam K7EDX; Jack N7JP, Rusty W6OAT, Justin K5EM, Marv K7IU, and Tom NU7J.
  2.  Review/Approve Minutes: Approved previous meeting minutes.
  3. Correspondence:  None
  4. Treasurer Report: Approved previous Treasurer report.  The report provided by Dennis K7DSE as of 08/30/2022 shows total cash balance in treasury of $28,595.80.
  5. Membership report by Jack N7JP: 170 active members, 0 new members, 1 renewal.
  6. Old Business
    1. Salmon Run update: Tom N7UJ is nearly finished coordinating plaque sponsorships. Logging vendors have completed the necessary updates.
    2. Bylaws Update Project: The Board created a Bylaw Update committee. The chair of the committee is Adam K7EDX. All Board Members are officers are members of the committee. Reviewed Bylaw edits through section VI. The review process will continue in committee meetings and/or board meetings until complete.
    3. ARRL scholarship administrative changes: (Not discussed at this meeting). K9JF has informed us that there have been ARRL administrative changes to the scholarship program. ARRL has increased the minimum scholarship threshold. Further discussion is needed.
  • New Business
    • Sept meeting planning: The Spet meeting will be virtual. Yuri, N3QQ, will provide a presentation on the K7K Kiska Is dxpedition.
    • Christmas Party: Discussed possible venues for the annual Christmas Party/meeting in December. Preferred location is within walking distance of the Edmonds Ferry. Adam to investigate further.
  • Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00 PM.

Meeting Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Tom NU7J.