September 2023 – Board Minutes

By | January 6, 2024

Sept 26, 2023 Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Rob N7QT.  In attendance were Rob N7QT; Adam K7EDX; Robin WA7CPA; Dennis K7DSE; Tom NU7J; Jack N7JP, Rusty W6OAT, Justin K5EM, Marv K7IU, Rich W6RS

  2.  Review/Approve Minutes: Approved August 29  board  meeting minutes.

  3. Correspondence:  CB0VA DXPedition ($100 approved earlier via email agreement)

  4. Treasurer Report: Approved previous Treasurer report.    The report provided by Dennis K7DSE as of Sept 26, 2023 reported a total balance in treasury of $27,028.38 

  5. Membership report: 162 active members.  2 renewals.

  6. Old Business
    1. Bylaws Update Project:  Rob to send final draft to membership by email in advance of vote.  Final version to be voted on by membership during October 10 club meeting on zoom. 
    1. Salmon Run: 361 logs received so far.    Need volunteer to take care of ordering Salmon Run glasses.   Board to investigate award of some sort for hosting W7DX operation for SR. 
    1. Help Needed: Club volunteer (non-Board member) needed to coordinate, purchase and distribute the Salmon Run clean sweep glasses next year.  Also need IT volunteer to take care of administrative tasks associated with Salmon Run contest scoring.  Salmon Run committee to meet later in spring to identify volunteer. 
    1. William Bennett WPHO ARRL scholarship: Tom NU7J sent official correspondence to Jim K9JF, to revise scholarship from $500 per year, to $2000 per year.  Scholarship will deplete after 5 years.  Balance as of Sept 2023 is $10,200.  (Note: $500 scholarships were sometimes not being awarded because higher value scholarships are  awarded first.) 
  • New Business
    • Repeater Roundup:  W7DX repeater will participate in the second annual on Nov 11 – 12.  Adam to promote this event on reflector.
    • Repeater coordination:  Provisional approval will be granted to a 147.000 repeater in Randall, that plans to relocate their antenna. 
    • 2024 DX Convention Planning Discussion: Rich W6RS reported that the hotel cost to club  will be $2500 per day. 
    • WWDXC website: approved one-time purchase of Ninja Tables (Pro) Word Press plug-in, for $400 lifetime in lieu of $79 per year
    • Oct 10 meeting:
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:58 PM.

  Meeting Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Tom, NU7J.