Club History

The Western Washington DX Club was founded in 1952. From 1952 until 1967 the club president was Bill Bennett, W7PHO. In 1967, the reins of the leadership were passed to Rod Linkous, W7OM, who held the presidency until 1979.

Since 1979 the club has had a succession of presidents who served a much shorter term in office (generally one or two years).

Some of the founders of the club included, W7PHO, W7KH, W7GBF, W7CMO, W7CMM (now W7OF), W7LVI, and W7OM. (Additions to this list are being sought! send info to

In October of 1969, when the first club newsletter was published, the club consisted of about 50 people on the mailing list and about 14 active members.

Club meetings have traditionally been held on the second Tuesday of each month. This originated at the suggestion of Herbie Haklin’s wife who thought a regularly scheduled meeting time would be a good idea. It was. We still meet on the second Tuesday of each month – 20 years later!

Anyone with anecdotes about the early days of the club or pictures or newsletters from the distant past is encouraged to contact so they can be included here.

Thanks and 73!