December Contest Activity

December Contest Activity We’ve just ended one of the busiest times of the contest season. We can now slow down to a regular pace. The next trophy eligible contest will be the RTTY Roundup the first weekend in January. Sounds like FT8 is going to allowed in this run. Have fun diddlers. (Is someone running FT8 still a… Read More »

NW Trophy Competition Updates

Here are the standings for the Challenge Cup (Northwest Traveling Trophy) Competition. This includes the totals reported by the other clubs as well as the individual standings within the WWDXC. These are the scores as of December 13, 2018.  The RTTY Roundup next month will include FT8 as a mode, which could provide us with some extra participants… Read More »

Contest Activity Report for November 2018

The weeks running from the end of October through November has some of the most interesting and enjoyable contests of the year for SSB and CW ops..  Domestically, there are ARRL Sweeps and worldwide, of course, are the CQWW SSB/CW events (no ‘dis to the diddlers). Here’s what your fellow Club members have been up to (when they… Read More »

Salmon Run 2018 Update

With the release of the Salmon Run results, I thought I would chat a bit about the event. We had a total of 304 logs from 6 countries and 37 states and provinces. There were over 34600 contacts represented in the logs sent in and not everyone sends in a log. You’ll find the results at . … Read More »