DXCC Standings

Members of the Western Washington DX Club (WWDXC) sense of camaraderie is often fueled by friendly competition.  Comparing contest results and DXCC standings.  DXCC standings are tracked in a traditional ladder that’s compiled and updated periodically.  We are also active in G7VJR’s incredible Club Log “Leagues.”


The DXCC ladder is manually compiled and updated periodically.  The current standings can be updated by sending your updates to Mike Schone, W7NP.  WWDXC members, please send updates in the format and order present in the ladder.


WWDXC has established a Club Log league club, allowing for on-demand updates and consolidates DXCC statistics from the members of various clubs and societies in order to rank and compare them.

To access the Club DX League:

  1. Click the Club Leagues button on the left of most Club Log screens.
  2. By default, Club Log sorts the list of clubs by the mean number of DXCC countries worked and QSLd by club members. Click a column heading to sort the report by a different field.
  3. Click any club name to see the DXCC league table for that club’s members.

To access WWDXC member ranking, simply select WWDXC from above or access it directly.  Joining the WWDXC Club on Club Log, add the club in your user settings under the “Club” heading.

The leagues are rebuilt once per day. Only callsigns active in the last 12 months are included in the league tables.