Website Details

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These are unpublished (no outside links, but not password protected) notes on the maintenance of the site.

Goals and Purpose

There are three main audiences:
  • Salmon Run Participants (inside WA state and outside) and Totem Award interest.
    • They want a very clearly delineated Salmon Run section – ensure the sponsorship and WWDXC is upfront, but not overt.
    • Should be formatted like a typical contest site – “rules and results, pse”.  Key rules  like exchange and classes should be summarized on the base page.
    • Should be easy to find from the page.
    • Awards should be clearly accessible and recipient lists should be prominent.
  • Club Members
    • They primarily want next meeting details and the Totem Tabloid.
    • Some will want board meeting minutes.
    • Ancillary activities that aren’t getting the attention they should (DXCC Ladder, membership awards, and the like) – make those more prominent.  Question… when is the last time a WWDXC member applied for one of the more obscure awards listed on the site?
    • I made a decision to include DX Lunches with some language about “informal gatherings arranged by members.”
    • I think it’s possible to pull more in here, but it’ll be a balance between keeping content in the Tabloid and website posts – don’t want to duplicate too much.
  • Potential Club Members – maybe the most important!
    • They want to know what the club is all about and how they can dig into it a little more.  “Is this club for me?” is the key question.
    • I’d like to have a clear “call to action” for this audience.  I had great success in driving up club membership and membership activity in SnoVarc with this.  A simple “Interested in joining WWDXC?  Type your call and email address here and hit submit” is enough – a personal response from someone the next day really makes a difference.

Secondary Goals

  • There’s some great history in the club and searchable/indexed newsletters and as many old posts and photos as we can find!  It’s amazing how often a callsign overlap triggers search results.  I’ve also been digging around in to grab really old board meeting minutes and such.  If someone has a big trove of paper Tabloids, I could scan them and include in the archive.
  • Press kit and an “about the club” that works for non-hams.  Most useful around big events (Salmon Run, Field Day, etc), but very appreciated by local news.  This should include pre-press ready logos, some background on the club, and the like.  Doesn’t need to have visible to the public, can just be a URL shared when needed (/press/ or something).
  • Content in posts. The group has produced style incredible stuff (Grant’s article on verticals near saltwater, for example).  That stuff will produce traffic and name recognition.
  • Reduction of reliance on PDFs.  The predictability of rendering is nice, but limits search results.  Totem Tabloid is, at it’s core, print.  That should remain PDFs, but SR results, award lists, DXCC Ladder, etc could all move to HTML without a huge amount of effort.
  • Shouldn’t ever require “changing” content that’s been published.  As it’s replaced with new content, it should gracefully age back on the site.
  • Legible URLs help a ton.  Make sure that isn’t something we ever have to cut and paste.
  • Document the site – it’s not always going to be me!  “Why the hell did he do this, this way?!” is a start at this.
  • Guides for content maintainers (“How do you publish a ‘next meeting’ post?” should be written up – I’ll sign up for a year or maybe a little more, but if I’m on some uninhabited reef off the coast of Australia, a backup would be useful.)
  • Need to add a 404 tracker.  After the migration, search results will still find the old ones and we want to put redirects in as much as possible.
    • 404 page itself can be changed to include some basic info about finding what they were looking for.


Currently running WordPress with the following plugins:

We’re using the Iconic One Pro theme by Themonic.  Updates are manual and emailed.  Simple, but very effective for our needs.

Custom CSS

Some custom CSS makes this theme perfect.  These are adjusted through the “Editor” on the “Appearance” left sidebar, then select “custom.css” on the right sidebar.

Changes link colors to “WWDXC Green”:

a {
outline: 0;
color: #009933;
text-decoration: none;
 This changes the link colors in the widgets (right sidebar and in Page Builder pages’ widgets) to match the fantastical WWDXC Green:
.widget-area .widget a {
color: #009933;
text-decoration: none;
font-size: 100%;
Shrinks the footer (copyright and postal address) to smaller grey fonts:
footer[role=”contentinfo”] {
background: #f2f2f2;
width: 100%;
border-top: 1px solid #ededed;
border-bottom: 1px solid #E9E9E9;
clear: both;
font-size: 10px;
height: auto;
line-height: 2;
margin-right: auto;
margin-bottom: 0px;
padding: 24px 0;

 Posts and Pages

We’re sticking with the WordPress typical use of Posts and Pages.  In short, if it’s an ephemeral thing (meetings, minutes, or “news”), it goes in a Post.  If it’s something that will persist and we’d want a clean, simple, and stable URL, it goes in a Page.  The Page hierarchy is pretty self explanatory, but I’ll duplicate the top level pages and describe their use:


  • About: The “About” page itself is also the “Front Page” of the site.  The child pages should be topics that answer the “What is the club” and a little of the “What do we do” questions.
    • Bylaws
    • Club History
    • DXpedition Funding
    • William Bennett, W7PHO Scholarship
  • Membership: This should be the majority of mechanics around the “what do I get for being a member and how do I go about joining?”
  • Meetings: As this is the most tangible and visible aspect of the club, references to it are woven throughout the site.  The Monthly Membership
  • Totem Tabloid
  • Awards
  • Salmon Run


  • Updates
 TODO is maintained here: /webmaster/todo/